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What is Pre-Need?  According to the State of Illinois, Pre-Need Cemetery Sales Act - "Pre-Need Sales" is defined as:

"the sale of cemetery merchandise, cemetery services or undeveloped interment, entombment or inurnment spaces where the terms of such sale
require payment or payments to be made at a currently determinable time and where the merchandise, services or completed spaces are to be
provided more than 120 days following the initial payment on the account..."

At Montrose Cemetery, we do not offer Pre-Need Sales. Instead, to meet the needs of our families and help assist them in planning for the future we
offer the following services prior to the time of death:

¤ The ability to purchase only developed property, including:  
individual graves
     - cremation niches
     - individual Chapel crypts
¤ The ability to purchase memorials (all memorials must be installed within 180 days from the initial date of purchase)
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