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  For those preferring a traditional in-ground burial, we offer space in many areas within our 62 wooded acres. Montrose can provide individual and companion graves, family plots and Chapel crypts. Below is a list of our "At-Need" services and definitions associated with each product:

¤ Traditional Individual Interments: the burial of a deceased person requires the purchase of a full size grave, the opening and closing of the grave and the placement of the casket into a permanent outer burial container as a protection against future grave settling.  An outer burial container may be purchased from Montrose Cemetery.  If a burial container is supplied to the cemetery at the time of burial from an outside source - a setting fee is incurred.

¤ Package Plans: For those who prefer convenience and savings, and wish to customize their cemetery needs, Montrose Cemetery offers multiple ALL INCLUSIVE INTERMENT PACKAGES.  Under one arrangement, all of the following may be included:
     - Burial lot
     - Opening and Closing of the Grave
     - Graveside or Chapel Services
     - Outer Burial Container - Cement Grave Box
     - Single Flush Granite Grave Marker

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