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Family Owned and Operated Since 1902
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  For more than 70 years, Montrose Crematorium has provided the most trusted and professional cremation services in the city of Chicago.  From the time that your loved one is entrusted into the care of Montrose until their cremated remains are returned to the Funeral Home - our mission is to treat your family member with respect and dignity.  We believe in educating our customers, because an informed consumer is a satisfied consumer.  At the time of death, the family must contact a licensed Funeral Home.  The Funeral Home is responsible for the transportaion of the deceased, obtaining all required permits and fulfilling any special requests from the family.  The family has several decisions to make at the time of death from the variety of options for the cremation itself to the final disposition of the cremated remains.

 ¤ Direct Cremation: The Funeral Home delivers the deceased to the Crematorium and the cremated remains are delievered back to the Funeral Home.

¤ Witness Cremation: The Funeral Home delievers the deceased to the Crematorium and the family accompanies and witnesses their loved one entering the cremation retort.  The Cremated remains are delivered back to the Funeral Home.

¤ Cremation Interments:  One option for the final disposition of the cremated remains is burial at the cemetery.  The interment offers a family another option for memorializing their loved one.
 ¤ Cremation Niches: Once the cremation process is completed - the cremated remains may be inurned in our Chapel Niche room.  It offers a very special way to memorialize your loved one.

¤ Urns & Urn-Vaults:  We offer a wide selection
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